Valheim Dedicated Servers - Unlimited Slots

Valheim+ Dedicated Server Rental (V+ Included)

Unlimited Player Slots - 5GB of RAM and 20GB of space
Valheim Dedicated Server Rentals - North America and Europe

Valheim+ Mod Dedicated Server

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Valheim+ Mod Dedicated Server, Includes:

Available 24/7 - no downtime

Valheim+ automatically installed with MaxPlayers Mod

No limit on player slots (with Valheim+ Mod)

Up to 1 vCPU core at up to 2.9ghz AMD EPYC, Intel Core i9 or Similar

Customized Access and Visibility

5GB of RAM

10GB of Disk Space and 1 backup allocation

Web Control Panel

Add admins, update and customize server options.

Deployed in less than 10 minutes

Choice of Location: Montreal (East), or Los Angeles (West)