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Once your OpenRA server order has been completed, you will need to access the Pterodactyl game server control panel. This will allow you to edit your OpenRA server name, and other settings like server password. You can find the credentials in your Client Portal under Dashboard > Services. Click on the service name, and the login information will appear below the service name.

Configuring OpenRA server options

Options will take effect after the server is started. Lets first take a look at your server settings:

1 SERVER PUBLIC NAME This is were you edit your in-game server name

2 PUBLIC SERVER This is were you make your server visible to the OpenRA master server, you should set this to "true" if you want players to be able to see your server. If you set it to "false" players will have to connect to your server by using direct IP. If you want players to connect to your server via direct IP, then type in the box the word "false" NOTE: if you set this option it to "false" ie not public, the server may look like its not online in the Pterodactyl console.

3 ENABLE SINGLEPLAYER If this is set to "true", it will allow players to join your server and start a game with only one human player, Typically this option should to be set to "false", otherwise one player might join your server and start a game alone. Again as before in case you wan't to edit this option, click on the field below the header ENABLE "SINGLEPLAYER" and type your preferred option ie "true" to enable it or false to disable it.

4 REQUIRE FORUM AUTH This option if set to "true" will block any users who are not loged-in with their OpenRA community forum accounts from joining your server. Usually servers with this option set to "false" have more players playing in them.

5 PASSWORD This is the password for your in-game OpenRA server. By adding a password only people who know the password will be able to join your in-game OpenRA server.

6 GEOIP If this option is set to "true" then any player who has joined your server will have their geographical location (country) shown when users hover their cursor over that player's name.

7 ANONYMIZED IPS If this option is set to "true" then any player who has joined your server will have the last octet of their full IP address hidden. If set to false, the player's full IP address will be shown.

Starting your server

Now that you have done editing your in-game server it is time to start it!
As seen above you have three buttons "START" "RESTART" "STOP"
Click on "START" so your in-game server will start.
On the right side of your panel you will see various console status messages as the server is starting, this is normal.
The server is done booting and its up when you see the message "Master Server Connected" in the console (unless the Public listing Startup Option is disabled).

To stop your server you click on the "STOP" button. If you wan't to immediately stop your server, you can click on the "KILL" button. The kill button will show up only after you hit the "STOP" button and it will show in the place of were the "STOP" button used to be as seen in the screenshot below.

The "RESTART" button will automatically stop and then start your server again.

The current status of your server is shown here:

There are four different server status indicators:



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