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How to debug a Minecraft networking issue

Recommendations for debugging a Minecraft networking issue

If you are experiencing a network issue, and performance reports such as timings or spark reports provide no insights, please collect the following information and submit a support ticket.

Note: it is important to prepare in advance for use of these tools. You will need the following:

WinMTR: Download
Command Prompt or PowerShell (Start > Run > cmd or powershell > Enter)
Identify your server IP and port: Check your HostEZ welcome e-mail for the server IP

Collect the outputs of the following information and submit it to us through the HostEZ client portal.

  1. Run a traceroute to your server IP


    Replace with your server IP

  2. Open WinMTR and enter your server IP, then press Start. Let the MTR run for about 3 minutes. Share the output with HostEZ Support.

  3. Ping your server 100 times and capture the output in a screenshot or, copy and paste from Command Prompt/PowerShell

    ping -n 100

    Replace with your server IP

  4. Collect all log files from your server, and any debug or error messages from your game within the affected time frame. Open a ticket with HostEZ support. Provide the date, time and symptoms of the issue in the ticket. Our team will investigate the issue and respond within your SLA timeframe. For more information about our SLA and policies, visit our docs page.
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