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How can I add admins to my Veloren Servers?

Adding Admins to your Veloren Server

Multiple server admin commands are available to Veloren dedicated server admins. The simplest way to add admins is to do the following:

  1. Connect to the server
  2. In your HostEZ Pterodactyl Control panel, click on your server, then click on Console, then type admin add UserNameHere admin
  3. In Veloren, your character will have access to the following commands:

What are the commands available in the console

Inside the server console, the following commands are available for the Veloren Dedicated Server:

quit Closes the server immediately
shutdown Closes the server after amount of seconds
abortshutdown Stops the scheduled shutdown
admin Adds or removes the player from administartor list
help Lists available commands

What are the commands available to ingame admins?

Multiple commands including whitelist, banlist, ban, kick are available. For the full listing, please see the Veloren official wiki page:

These commands are only available to ingame authenticated administrators who were added through the console.

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