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How to Apply A2S Cache to Your Rust Server using Panthera

Panthera, a HostEZ service, provides configuration of CosmicGuard's DDoS protection for your game servers, including support for custom rules to tailor the protection to your specific needs. If you have a Rust dedicated server and want to apply the a2s cache feature to optimize the protection for Rust's A2S query traffic, follow the steps below:

Step 1: Log in to Panthera Dashboard

Log in to your Panthera Dashboard using your credentials provided by HostEZ

Step 2: Navigate to DDoS Profiles

In the IP Listing page, click on the respective IP address and click "Profiles".

Step 3: Create a New A2s Cache Profile

Under "Add Profile" select "A2s cache", and provide a description if desired.

Port: Enter "28016" or what ever query port you are assigned for your server.

Step 4: Click Submit

That's it! The a2s cache profile is now applied to your Rust server, optimizing the protection for A2S query traffic and ensuring smooth performance of your Rust server while mitigating DDoS attacks.

About Panthera

Are you tired of dealing with complex firewall rules and tedious DDoS mitigation settings? Panthera by HostEZ has got you covered. With our sleek and user-friendly interface, you can easily configure firewall rules, apply DDoS mitigation profiles, and protect your online assets in just a few clicks. Plus, with powerful features like A2S cache for lightning-fast query responses, you'll experience reduced latency and improved server performance. Say goodbye to DDoS headaches and hello to hassle-free DDoS protection with Panthera. Try it now and level up your security game!

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