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How Veloren nightly updates work with HostEZ

If you have recently purchased a Veloren dedicated server from HostEZ, we will set your server up to do daily updates to maximize compatibility with Airship users.

Note that we cannot guarantee the full stability or usability of Veloren dedicated servers that use Nightly Updates because the software is constantly being updated by the development team.

Please be aware of the following regarding how Veloren Dedicated Servers work with HostEZ:

  1. Currently Veloren's development team release daily updates to the game and dedicated server. This occurs approximately at 0:00 GMT (23:00 Pacific time, or 11:00PM pacific time).

  2. HostEZ will automatically shut down and update your server every day at 06:00 GMT (23:00 / 11PM pacific time). The server will then automatically try to start 20 minutes later. You may also start the server manually once the update is completed.

  3. To opt out of this automatic update cycle, please open a support ticket and we will remove your server from the automatic updates cycle.

To update manually, log into the Pterodactyl control panel, click settings, then click on "Reinstall Server"

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