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How do I whitelist or banlist on my Veloren Dedicated Server

How to whitelist or banlist on your Veloren Server

The easiest way to whitelist or banlist users on your Veloren server is by doing the following:

  1. Follow the guide to add admins:

  2. Login in to the game as admin and add a player to the whitelist. Note that a player must be actively connected to use this method.

How to add to the whitelist or banlist for Veloren without ingame admin access

If you are unable to use the ingame whitelist and banlist commands, you can edit configuration files in the following locations:

  1. In your HostEZ Pterodactyl Control panel, click on your server, then click on File Manager.

  2. In File manager, click on userdata > server > server_config

  3. Click on either whitelist.ron or banlist.ron to edit the listings respectively.
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